Bradesco increases banking app downloads by 31x, drops cost-per-download 70% with AdWords

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 | 7:00 AM

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Banco Bradesco, founded in 1943, is the second-largest private bank in Brazil, with more than 4,600 branches and 47,000 automatic teller machines across the country. Bradesco created a mobile app to provide consumer banking services like checking account balances, paying bills and transferring money between accounts, to its on-the-go customers. Bradesco teamed up with one of its online agencies, One Digital, to promote their latest app across Google AdWords Search and Display solutions. The team focused on driving cost-effective app downloads with the help of the Conversion Optimizer for mobile apps, a bidding feature that uses historical conversion performance data to automatically optimize ad placement so ads show more often when conversions are likely to occur.

Luca Cavalcanti, Director of Digital Channels, said: "Our apps are a key way for us to engage with our users and deliver the value they need. Promoting our apps with Google helped us to exceed our return on investment goals. With AdWords, we've dropped cost-per-download by 70%. Google is an important mobile partner for promoting our apps."

Bradesco promoted their mobile apps with ads on Google Search and the Google Display Network and used the Conversion Optimizer for apps to reach their app download and cost-per-download goals.

  • Nearly 1 billion ad impressions and 4.4 million clicks during the first month
  • Top 5 Ranking in Finance category of Google Play apps on average
  • 31x increase in app downloads
  • 70% decrease in cost-per-download (decrease from greater than R$5 to less than R$2)
To learn more about how Bradesco exceeded their app download goals, see here for the full case study.

Posted by: Gabi Viana, Head of Mobile and Social Marketing, Latin America